2017 Recap - Thank you players and volunteers!

Winner Gaelic Football:

Winner Hurling A:
Toronto GAA

Winner Hurling B:

Winner Hurling C:
St. Louis

Winner Camogie:
Atlanta Clan na nGael

Winner Ladies' Football:
Indy GAA

Indianapolis GAA

The Indy GAA was founded in 2006 to promote the games of the Gaelic Athletic Association played in Ireland.  We strive to teach the traditional Irish culture associated with these sports, as we spread the word to the community through schools, our league, and tournaments like this. 

General Information

Spend a day witnessing the great traditional sports of Ireland - hurling, camogie, and Gaelic football!  

The Annual Indy GAA Invitational tournament is a competition between Gaelic Athletic Clubs across North America.  Over 40 matches will be played at Indy's World Sports Park. The Indianapolis GAA has hosted this event since 2007.

Support your local Indy GAA teams as they battle for supremacy in all three sports!

Admission is free.  

Concessions from Greiner's Subs, and beer from Bier Brewery company will be for sale at the fields.

2017 Schedule

Matches from 9 AM - 7 PM
4 PM - 6 PM Final Matches

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Match Results

World Sports Park

World Sports Park is a world-class complex finished by Indy Parks in 2014, designed to bring international sports to Indianapolis.  The Indy GAA hosted the inaugural event on the new turf with it's tournament in 2014.  The 40-acre park has playing fields of professionally maintained turf, as well as other common areas, a community center, and a playground.  

World Sports Park
1313 South Post Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46239
( map )

After Celebration

Celebrate the end of the tourney with the two dozen teams participating! Join us at Nine Irish Brothers in downtown Indy in the evening, after the kings of the day have won their trophies and worked up an appetite for great traditional Irish fare.

Nine Irish Mass Ave ( map )
575 Mass Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Irish hurling is a sport with roots dating 3000 years ago. The sport is played on a large field by players each carrying a stick, traditionally made of ash.  The point is to score a goal by striking a ball (sliotar) into a soccer-sized goal, or a point by hitting it above.  Hurling is known as the fastest field sport in the world.

Camogie is the sport of hurling as it is called when played by ladies.  The rules are adjusted minimally.

Gaelic Football
Galic football is played with a bigger ball, with foundations of rules based on hurling.  Other than playing with your feet and no stick, the rules are remarkably similar.

These are three of the sports administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland.  They are played primalry in Ireland, but have been gaining popularity in the United States and other parts of the world. 

Learn more at IndyGAA.com


Youth hurling and football will run alongside adult competition on Saturday. Incoming teams are welcome to get their kids 5 and older involved in the day! Please email youth@indygaa.com for more info. Equipment will be provided if needed.

Games Development Ambassador

We are proud to introduce Aidan Fogarty as the Games Development Ambassador for this year's tournament. Aiden is best known as winner of 8 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championships with Kilkenny, including Man-of-the-Match honors for the 2006 Final. Aidan will be offering his expertise throughout the day. Details will come soon.

Highlight: Goal 2012 All-Ireland Semi-Final
Highlight: Goal 2006 All-Ireland Final
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